Bright Colours

This week our guest host is none other than my talented daughter, Nikki. Nikki loves to use bright colours in her work and is fearless in her use of colour. This is a page from her personal journal, and I think we are lucky that we get to glimpse inside! If you would like to read the wording around the hand, you can visit Nikki’s blog – the link is on the right hand side bar. Nikki’s challenge to us all this week is to use some bright colours in our work. I think that will be quite a challenge for some of us. Have fun!
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56 Comments on “Bright Colours”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Here is my piece this week – a bit silly, but it IS bright! Diane

  2. Debbi Baker Says:

    This is my first MMM this year – not sure how I have got so sidetracked but anyway, hopefully I will get back in the swing of things now!

  3. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Oh, Debbi – these are simply amazing! The colours are glorious! Diane

  4. fatmasplace Says:

    thanks to nikki, thats really my theme

  5. Your daughters work is awesome!!!!!!!!!

    I’m working on something right now.


  6. MardeMoomika Says:

    Here is my biright colours

  7. bastelkueken Says:

    Good Morning,

    here are my 3 ATC`s – fantastic challenge

    Thanks for looking

  8. katrin Says:

    great challenge – gorgoeus sample!!!

    here is my entry:


  9. katrin Says:

    great challenge – gorgoeus sample!!!

    here is my entry:


  10. Ananas Says:

    here is my “bad influence”. Thanks for looking!

    Bad influence

  11. Ginger Says:

    Great, piece really love it, Bright colours are a challenge and I love the MMM as it keeps me on my toes. Hope I get the time to do this one this week.

  12. barnie Says:

    Yeah, that’s my theme 🙂 Thanks to your daughter. Here’s my entry:

  13. Rosie Says:

    What a fab challenge and I’m off to browse your DD’s blog. If I’m not back next week, I’ll be lost in her work!

  14. ~*~Patty Says:

    Love this theme! Also, I think it’s nice that you give a ‘preview’ for the upcoming weeks challenge, giving some time to think 🙂 Thanks for looking:

  15. Hella Mellema Says:

    Here is my entry for this week. Love the theme!
    bright colours MMM


  16. filetta Says:

    I love this challenge with bright colours. Here’s my entry :

  17. Peggi Says:

    Here are my bright colors =) Love this challenge – great idea!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week! xo

  18. Nan Says:

    I needed the bright colors today~thanks for this challenge! Here’s my entry

    Thanks for looking!

  19. What a gorgeous journal page! …. and a great theme. Here is my submission:

  20. ellen Says:

    Gorgeous inspirational piece. I combined 2 challenges due to lack of creating time yesterday. I love love love color!

  21. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    Here’s my arch for this week!

  22. Sue Smith Says:

    Here’s my first contribution. Thanks for the great challenge!

  23. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Sue Smith, a fellow Aussie has been having trouble leaving a message with her link, so here it is! Gorgeous bright piece!

  24. aztecmichelle Says:

    Wow! 40 comments already and it’s only Wednesday! Great work everybody!
    Here is my addition:
    Happy creating!
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  25. Alie Helder Says:

    I have made for this challenge atc’s
    You can find them here


  26. Carmen Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic journal page!

  27. Aaah I am so not a bold colour person. Made this challenge all more interesting, I guess. Here is my entry:
    Thanks for looking.

  28. Hiekkaoliivi Says:

    I love that sample! It was very inspiring but I didn’t really succeed with mine.

    Here it is, anyway.

  29. Joy Logan Says:

    LOVE THIS Nikki!

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