This week our challenge is “Paris”, and it is being hosted by a fellow Aussie – Barb, who  created this beautiful canvas.  You can see more of Barb’s work in her blog (see link in the sidebar.  It is also well worth a visit to her online store, The Stamping Queen.  Thanks for a great challenge Barb!

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62 Comments on “Paris”

  1. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    Paris is always a wonderful theme!
    Here’s my entry:

  2. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Here is my piece – I’m so pleased that Barb chose “Paris” – it’s a fun theme to work with. Diane

  3. Here is my entry – love the ‘Paris’ theme! This is my first time in this challenge 😉



  4. katrin Says:

    thanks Barb for this theme!!! here is my entry:


  5. Barb Conroy Says:

    Thanks so much Diane for having my “Paris Chic” as the theme for the week.
    I really enjoyed making it and there’s more info on my blog about it.
    Check it out here.

    I hope everyone enjoys this theme

  6. For the first time I played too:

    Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

  7. Hiekkaoliivi Says:

    My Paris triangle.
    Thank you for viewing. 🙂

  8. livia Says:

    Here is my submission this week. thanks

  9. Sherry Says:

    One of my favourite themes…I have other things on my blog and in my etsy shop that reflect Paris, but this was me going in a different direction…

  10. Charlie Says:

    Here is my first entry. I just had to do it this time. I love the Paris theme.

  11. Alie Helder Says:

    I made also a card
    Here’s where you can find it

  12. Carrie Says:

    Here’s mine! Thanks for a GREAT theme!!!

  13. Nancy P Says:

    This was a fun theme – Thanks

    Here is my project:

    Thanks for taking a look.

  14. Jeri Aaron Says:

    Here’s my entry!

  15. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone…so thrilled to have found this place…and was inspired to create my first submission to Mixed Media Monday….



  16. Rosie Says:

    It’s been a while since I took part – sorry… and I have missed it!

  17. caroline Says:

    could someone be kind enough to i do a direct link to my to this.

    i can do a link to my blog but not sure on to the actual ‘post’

  18. Hilmof Says:

    Here is mine – go gentle!!!with your comments – I’m only learning 🙂

  19. manicstamper Says:

    I love anything Paris themed.
    This is the first time I have entered your challenge.

    Here is my entry

    Paris Card

  20. manicstamper Says:

    Love the Paris theme

    This is my first go at one of your challenges

    Paris Card

  21. aztecmichelle Says:

    WooHoo! I’ve got WordPress to work (or they finally fixed it!) and I can now upload photos into my blog (not much point having an art blog without photos)

    So here is my contribution for the week!

    It was heaps of fun to make, even with all of the computer frustrations this week!

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  22. Sheila Says:

    My first attempt at one of your challenges.
    Love the Paris theme.

    Paris Card

  23. Gerda Says:

    I love Paris !
    This atc I made a while ago, but still have it hanging on the wall……


  24. Sheila Says:

    Hi…this is my first attempt at one of your challenges.
    Love the Paris theme.
    Here is my card.

  25. Debbi Baker Says:

    I love this theme (of course!!)

    I’ve made a couple of ATCs –

  26. Darlene Says:

    I just saw this challenge today. And I absolutely could not resist Paris! In a few hours, I came up with a small canvas.

  27. […] La La! Today’s Mixed Media Monday theme is Paris. I decided to make a bookmark because I have started three books at once (what was I […]

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