This week we are lucky to have the very talented Natalie as our guest host again. Natalie has chosen “paint” as the theme. This is what Nat said: “I love to work with paint and get really messy with it. You can use this medium on card, glass, wood, canvas, etc etc the list goes on and that’swhat I love so much about it!! This week though, I’ve chosen to do a piece on an 8″x10″ canvas board. Ok so here’s this weeks challenge, pick your favourite colour paints and make something to share with all of us.”

Enjoy the challenge, everyone – and remember it’s open to your own interpretation – just use some sort of paint on your piece!

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69 Comments on “Paint”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Thanks Nat – this was fun! Here’s my piece:

  2. Hi Natalie, I love your painting. I have the “blues” too.

  3. Thanks so much Diane for asking me to host. I hope everyone has fun playing with paint 🙂

    Here’s mine –

  4. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone….

    Here is my submission …I just finished 2 watercolour mini paintings…hope you like shoes…

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. fatmasplace Says:

    a very difficult but a great theme

  6. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    A wonderful theme!
    Here’s my entry:

  7. katrin Says:

    great theme and a wonderful sample entry! 🙂
    here is my contribution:

  8. Kelly Says:

    please click on my name to check out my Paint Challenge! Thanks for looking!

  9. […] mijn bijdrage voor MMM: VERF.  De ondergrond is eerst geverd met veschillende acrylverf, daarna gesprayd met Marble spray […]

  10. femmy Says:

    mine is on my blog, can’t place the link here.

  11. […] deze kaart met acryl Dabbers gemaakt. Deze week het thema bij Mixed Media Monday. Made this card by using acrylic Dabbers. This week theme at Mixed Media […]

  12. anneke Says:

    here is my paint entry for today on my blog

  13. Janny Says:

    Thanks for the challenge, nice begin of the week.
    Here is my entry.

  14. Ok, this challenge was fun (if I watch my fingers… *lol*) – here is my entry for this week…

    TFL, Heike ;o)

  15. I’m still not able to leave links…sorry! My submission for this wonderful theme is on my blog.

  16. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    Here’s another entry:
    I really enjoy that theme 🙂

  17. deb Says:

    I can’t leave a link, my piece is on my blog.

    thanks for looking.

  18. Em Says:

    this is sort of mixed media – moleskin + watercolor + marker?
    I usually collage more but am saving this for mostly watercolor and words.
    See what you think!

  19. Rosie Says:

    I really enjoyed this one – thank you. Natalie’s canvas is gorgeous! Here are mine!

  20. Cory Says:

    Sorry, the above address is misspelled. Here is the correct one.

  21. Diana Evans Says:

    I had to add a few more paintings…
    hope you like them…


  22. filetta Says:

    My entry is on my blog ! thank for looking !

  23. Nikki Says:

    Thanks so much for a WONDERFUL theme. Love Natalie’s piece, if only I had one fraction of her talent. LOL My piece is there.


  24. Åshild Says:

    Thanks for a great theme! Love paint! 🙂

    Here is my (first) entry:

    Åshild 🙂

  25. lee Says:

    here is mine

  26. Hi I have included your challenge in my as many challenges as I can in two days. My entry is here

  27. hi have completed challenge again. You might like the technique i have used for this

  28. Jean Says:

    Here is mine for this week!!


  29. […] piece also fits into the Mixed Media Monday theme of Paint, since I painted the paper and around the photo using […]

  30. amanda Says:

    Accomplished the challenge and completed a birthday gift, bonus.


  31. sarah Says:

    great challenge mine is on my blog

  32. Here is my ‘paint’ entry – so much fun. thanks for a wonderful challenge 😉


  33. Åshild Says:

    Just had to make one more 🙂 This time a page for my Art Journal:

    Thanks for looking 🙂

  34. Debbi Baker Says:

    Terrific theme Nat! Love your piece. Here’s mine:

    Thanks for looking!

  35. crafty joan Says:

    hey I know I’m late but this is my first time with you all.
    on my blog craftinitalia.
    crafty joan

  36. Debbie Says:

    Finally I had a moment to make something! And fits perfectly with this weeks theme. My piece is now on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. pink rose Says:

    Here is my entry.
    Please look at my blog.

  38. aztecmichelle Says:

    So I just got this done in a week! Paint takes some time to dry!
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

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