Pens and Pencils

This week we have the wonderful Willy as our guest host.  Willy has chosen “pens and pencils” as the theme.  So the challenge to you is to make a piece, using something to do with pens and/or pencils.  As always, the interpretation is open to your imagination.  Have fun!

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62 Comments on “Pens and Pencils”

  1. gillian Says:

    Great to be back this week, excellent theme/sampler !

    Here is mine –
    Here is mine –

  2. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone…

    I created a special treat using pen and ink and then coloured it digitally to add some fun….hope you enjoy it!


  3. B Says:

    Hello. I learned about the site from the new Somerset Press magazine on Artful Blogging. It’s a great way to stretch and to see how others envision a concept. Here is my entry. It’s been created in Photoshop, but I intend to re-work it in fabric.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. MardeMoomika Says:

    Here is my entry. Thanks for looking

  5. mixedmediamonday Says:

    This week I chose to d a beeswax collage ATC, which you can see here: Thanks for the fun challenge, Willy!

  6. fatmasplace Says:

    thanks willy, great theme. love it
    here are my pencils

  7. katrin Says:

    thanks for this theme. was really an hard challenge for me … 😉
    here is my entry:

    thanks for looking!

  8. Alberta Says:

    Here s my entry for pens and pencils:

  9. Alberta Says:

    Oops, typo! Here is my entry

  10. femmy Says:

    great them Willy! mine is here

  11. […] thema bij Mixed Media Monday is: pennen. Deze kaart gemaakt voor een vriend die 50 is geworden. New theme at Mixed Media Monday […]

  12. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: pennen en potloden. Mijn nichtje is van de week jarig en gaat ook op haar zelf wonen en geeft van […]

  13. Willy Says:

    Thanks Diane for asking me to host. I hope everyone enjoys this theme.

    My entry is here

  14. anneke Says:

    this is my entry for today

  15. wil Says:

    Dit is mijn bijdrage .

    My is on my blog.

  16. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    a great theme and a wonderful example tag from willy!
    here’s my entry:

  17. Janny Says:

    Here is my entry, thanks for the challenge!

  18. Robyn Sharp Says:

    Fun challenge. I do love that sample tag by Willy.

    Thanks for looking..

  19. I had so much fun with this challenge. Thank you for hosting it.
    Here is my atc: “Those Wonderful Eton Boys”

  20. Dreamer Says:


    This is my entry. Had fun doing it but it made dinner late again!!


  21. Astrid Says:

    Great theme! Here’s mine.

  22. Jenni Says:

    I’m sooo excited! I just recently found out about Mixed Media Monday in the latest Artful Blogging magazine. I’m thrilled at the idea of linking my artwork to another blog for all to see! Here’s where to go:

    Thanks for looking!!!

  23. Alie Helder Says:
    here’s my entry for this thema

  24. Jeri Aaron Says:

    Here is my creation but I have a new scanner and haven’t been able to adjust the color correctly

  25. Lisa Says:

    Mine is up.

  26. Barb Conroy Says:

    Thanks Willy for a great theme!!!
    Here’s my contribution this week:
    ~xx Barb xx~

  27. Isis Says:

    Hi, this is my first time posting. So many inspiring pieces of art…I love browsing them all. here goes my contribution. Thanks for looking 😉

  28. pink rose Says:

    Here is my entry.
    please look at my blog.

  29. Just got it done this week! A very challenging theme; as always the variety of submissions is amazing!

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  30. craftyc Says:

    Totally gorgeous!!

  31. Ava Says:

    This is my very first challenge ever! I got carried away by The Seven Deadly Pens and the demons made me tardy posting.

  32. Dan Says:

    I made an entry for this challenge, then my internet went down for several days, and I couldn’t upload it! If anyone is still looking, it can be seen at

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