Art of the Week – Winner 11th July

This week Kaz has chosen Bee as the winner of the Art of the Week on our Mixed Media Monday Forum.  This is a very well deserved win – if you haven’t seen Bee’s blog, hop on over and have a look.

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7 Comments on “Art of the Week – Winner 11th July”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    congratulations this is a lovely piece of to check your blog

  2. chriss Says:

    Well done Bea I looked at your blog last weeka nd you so deserve this/
    chriss x

  3. Pearl Maple Says:

    Congratulations it is a lovely creation.

    Finally posted my peice – themed on chocolate !

  4. Karen Mowrey Says:

    Yay!!! Great pick from a great artist! I own one of her art pieces and absolutely love it!

    Congratulations Bee!


  5. Bee Says:

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and I am so excited to have won this week 🙂 I was such a wonderful surprise to visit here on Saturday and see the announcement.

  6. Daphne Says:

    What a beautiful piece of art!! Just great!

  7. Renee Troy Says:

    You are so talented. A lovely creation. Congrats!

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