This week we have another exciting guest host, Debbi, from Australia.  Debbi has chosen “fashion” as her challenge to us, and has supplied this stunning piece as her example.  So the challenge th week is a smple one – with endless possibilities – fashion.  As always, it’s open to your own interpretation – so have fun!

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50 Comments on “Fashion”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Thanks for a fun challenge, Debbi! I decided to go completely different to Debbi’s piece – mine is very bright and colourful.

  2. B Says:

    Hmmm… I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. Hope this works for you guys:

  3. Stacy Says:

    Here is my Fashion collage……and it’s only Sunday here…..Fun challenge…thanks.

  4. redlan Says:

    Hello Mixed Media Monday! I found this site just yesterday. I am happy that i finally found a site which is suited for me as one who loves artworks too. So this is my first time to join the Mixed Media Monday art challenge. And this is my entry:

    Have a happy mixed with wonderful arts monday to all! Keep up the artistic works guys!

  5. My submission is on my blog. Please click on my name. Great theme this week!

  6. […] mijn bijdrage voor Layers of Colors: GEEL en Mixed Media Monday: MODE. Wat een gaaf maatje is een trinchie. Here my entry for Layers of Color: YELLOW and […]

  7. […] bij Mixed Media Monday is: Fashion. Heb deze canvas 20×20 het weekend gemaakt met deze bijzondere mode. Theme at […]

  8. Kersten Says:

    I had to channel the eccentric fashion sense of the Sex & the City divas for this one! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting.

  9. Leila Says:

    Here is my entry. Thanks for visiting.


  10. Alberta Says:

    Here’s my entry. It’s from my Fashion Cut Ups Series.

  11. aino Says:

    Here is my fashion. Thank you for looking.

  12. Marina Says:

    Mijn Mode inzending voor het thema van deze week bij Mixed Media Monday,
    My Fashion entry for this weeks theme on Mixed Media monday.

  13. Debbi Baker Says:

    Terrific to see so many entries already!!

    Here is the link to mine on my blog:

  14. Marina Says:

    What a great theme, I could not resist and put in a second entry. Thanks Debbi for a great challange.

  15. Lisa Says:

    I really like this theme! Here is my entry:
    Thanks for looking!

  16. gillian Says:

    My entry for this week can be seen on my blog, I’m unable to leave a link at the moment.



  17. Here my fashion ATC.
    Thanks for this beautiful theme.

  18. AnniP Says:

    I like this theme, visit my blog and see my entry – Fashion House –

  19. Hello,

    My entry for this week is on my blog…thanks for looking =)

    xoxo Peggi

  20. Dawn Says:

    Hi there
    Great theme this week

    Thanks for looking


  21. Evelyn Says:

    Here´s my entry, thanks for looking!

  22. Nina Says:

    Hi! It’s my first time to join your challenges. Thanks for the fun topic! =)

  23. Opps….I guess I’m a day late…lol

    Here’s my entry:

  24. Bee Says:

    I have been really busy with the purchase of our new house and the imminent move and haven’t been participating lately.

    When I saw the topic for this week I couldn’t resist, so please forgive me 🙂

    What does a witch wear on the weekends?……..

  25. Kaz Says:

    here is mine, finished at last, and now I can look at everyone else’s!!!!

  26. Carole Says:

    I posted a link to my fashion piece yesterday, but the first time it didn’t take, the second time it showed up today I don’t see it. Trying again…

    Third time’s a charm?

  27. imaginejoy Says:

    Here is my Fashion piece.

  28. Melanie R. Says:

    Here is mine! Very fun challenge! 🙂

  29. Doris O. Says:

    I still have time to submit my Fashion challenge piece and here it is.

  30. Angie D Says:

    A little late in posting… but wanted to share my entries. I loved the theme this week. Thanks for taking the time to give me a lookies.

  31. Mia Says:

    Like Angie a bit late and wanted to share my last-minute work

  32. I know it is late but just discovered this blog and loved the idea of this challenge. Here is my necklace made from mixed media.

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