Art of the Week – 29th August

This week Kaz has chosen a very special artist to win the Art of the Week on our forum.  This amazing piece of art is done by the very talented, 5 years old,  Pajama Girl – Lauren – daughter of another very talented artist, Karen.  Congratulations Lauren – I hope we get to see lots more of your special art!

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7 Comments on “Art of the Week – 29th August”

  1. chriss Says:

    Brilliant work and I love how you used the canvas also love your pj girl name. Keep up the good work Lauren. :))
    chriss x

  2. Karen Mowrey Says:

    Karen, the Pajama girl’s mom, here. Just want to thank Kaz for chosing Lauren and her “Found Art” for Art of the Week. You have no idea what something like this means to a 5 year old until you witness it first hand. With this wonderful honor and the boost of self esteem, it is perfect timing as she starts kindergarten this week.

    Mixed Media Monday is one of the best places to play I know. Everyone who comes here is so kind and talented, thank you everyone for all of your inspiration and support!

  3. Aunt Janel Says:

    Way to go Lauren, Keep up the good work! Congratulations!

  4. gillian Says:

    Congratulations Lauren, your a star:)

  5. Kaz Says:

    this is a very worthy art of the week, I love the use of the canvas, and all of the different elements. fantastic artwork Lauren, and I hope you love kindergarten as much as my little girl does!! x

  6. redlan Says:

    congrats to the daughter of karen, the pajama girl lauren!

  7. Seona Says:

    Great work Lauren – I love the way you have thought about all how all the pieces will go together. You did a really good job here! Keep up the good work!

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