Famous People

This week the wonderful Katrin returns to issue a new challenge to us.  Katrin has chosen “famous people”, so there is no limit to who you can chose or what you can do.  I’m looking forward to seeing how some of you interpret this theme.  Quite a few of last week’s submissions would have suited this week equally as well!  Have fun with this one!

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56 Comments on “Famous People”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    I found it hard to decide just which famous person I wanted to use this week, but had lots of fun when I finally decided. You can see my piece here:

  2. Char Says:

    My entry is on my blog. Thank you.

  3. REDLAN Says:

    Happy Monday Talented People.

    I am again so excited (as always) to see different styles and interpretations of art for this week’s challenge of famous people.

    Here’s my entry, btw:


  4. Amy H. Says:

    Here’s mine. I don’t know how mixed media it is but there’s a genuine famous person on it.


  5. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: bekende mensen en Sunday Postcard Art: bloemen. Here my entry for Mixed Media Mondaÿ: famous […]

  6. Good Morning,
    here’s my entry for this week .. Iggy Pop …

  7. Leila Says:

    Here is my entry. thank you for looking.


  8. katrin Says:

    good morning togehter 🙂

    so mutch wonderful entries i have seen until just! girls you rock!!!

    here is my entry: http://kreativkram.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/beruhmte-personlickeiten/


  9. Alberta Says:

    Here’s a thoroughly modern Cleopatra!

  10. Marina Says:

    Mijn beroemde persoon kun je hier komen bekijken, leuk dat je langskomt.
    My Famous person can be found here, thanks for stopping by.


  11. Fantastic theme and sample piece. My submission is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  12. Harriet Says:

    I can’t post,

    Please check my blog.


  13. aino Says:

    What a great theme, my answer is here, thank you for looking.


  14. Ahkeraliisa Says:

    Here comes my skinny, thanks for looking!

  15. Mia Says:

    My famous person is on my blog, thanks;-)

  16. Rosie Says:

    I managed an image transfer on a domino for this one! Woohoo – can ya tell it’s a first!! 😉


  17. Virginia Says:

    Thank You for the challenge.
    My is on my Blog.
    Thank You.

  18. Mary-Beth Says:

    Wonderful theme this week.

    My entry is at


  19. Eija Says:

    Nice theme 🙂 In my atc ,you can see Marie Antoinette.

  20. AnniP Says:

    My entry to this week theme is on my blog, take a look – thanks

  21. Moira Says:

    My entry is on my blog

    thanks for looking


  22. Casey Says:

    Here’s my art journal page about David Chihuly (love his work!):

  23. Carole Says:

    As usual…trouble posting…

    Here’s my tribute to Marilyn Monroe.


  24. sunny79 Says:

    This week I combined MMM and a Papermintes Sketch.
    I have chosen an image of the musician Franz Schubert.


    Greetings from Germany by Marina.

  25. Pumpkinfairy Says:

    This is my first time participating in a challenge!! What fun!! My entry can be found on my blog. Thanks for letting me participate!!


  26. B Says:

    There are some wonderful people honored on these pages! Here is mine:

  27. Pumpkinfairy Says:

    This is my first time participating in a challenge!!..What fun!!..My entry can be found on my blog..I chose Edgar Allen Poe!!….Thanks for letting me participate, I am excited for next weeks challenge.

    I was unable to leave a link to my blog, I tried several times with no luck..My blog is pumpkinfairy.blogspot.com.


  28. Deborah Says:

    Here’s my Bob Dylan atc (which also fits Think Monday – Think ATC handwriting challenge).

  29. Susan Says:

    This is not collagey – but definitely mixed. I chose a singer from 70’s – there’s a link to the song if you can’t guess who it is.


  30. moniquebarb Says:

    I really like reading celebrities biographies and I just love the every day rumors and tabloids!Famous People

  31. Coffeemonkey Says:

    I love the month of October and since it’s coming up, I started a series of playing card paper dolls after one of my favorite authors that I am always reminded of in October because of the crows that always seem to appear. So here’s mine:


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