This week the wonderful Karen debut’s as guest host with the challenge “harmony”.  This is what Karen had to sey about the challenge:

Harmony can be translated many different ways, musically, spiritually, or just in harmony with the new art piece calling from the inside to come out. Harmony can be how objects, and colors relate.  I found it looking in thesaurus for another word for “balance” but look at all the definitions of the word


*har·mo·ny *[hrmənee]
(/plural/ *har·mo·nies*)
*1. *     *friendly agreement: *a situation in which there is friendly agreement or accord
*2. *     *pleasing combination of sounds: *a pleasing combination of musical sounds
*3. *     *notes sung or played together: *a combination of notes that are sung or played at the same time.
Changing harmony is one of the most characteristic features of Western music, providing momentum and richness to the melody.
*4. *     *study of chords in music: *the study of the way in which musical chords are constructed and function in relation to one another
*5. *     *pleasantness in arrangement: *a pleasing effect produced by an arrangement of things, parts, or colors
*6. *     *study of texts: *a study or collation of the similarities in parallel texts, especially the four Gospels
*7. *
*parallel text: *a book or manuscript in which several versions of the same text, often a biblical text, are laid out in parallel columns

So go ahead and create something “harmonious” – and keep your fingers crossed that I’ll find some time to play this week.

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41 Comments on “Harmony”

  1. Barb Conroy Says:

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks of “harmony”.
    Here’s my contribution ..
    Thanks for looking!
    ~xx Barb xx~

  2. redlan Says:

    happy Monday guys!

    this is my entry for this week theme harmony:


  3. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone….

    Great theme this week…I picked a mixed media piece of pen and ink and digital colouring ….it is based on something I find adds Harmony to any family….

    Hope you pop by….for a virtual breakfast….


    have a great week everyone!!!

  4. Karen Mowrey Says:

    Ok, here I am ready to guets host. That would be fun if I really was the host and we were all at a party together, missed every one the past few weeks of craziness. Never fear…HARMONY is here…well actually right below at the link!

  5. Char Says:

    My entry is on my blog. Thank you.

  6. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: harmony. Deze kaart gemaakt voor een persoonlijke swap met Barbara. Here my entry for […]

  7. katrin Says:

    great theme – great sample ans thanks for the wonderful definition! 🙂
    here is my antry:


  8. Kersten Says:

    Gorgeous work, Karen! My sample is posted to my blog.

  9. AnniP Says:

    My entry is on my blog, take a look – thanks

  10. Leila Says:

    Here is my entry. Thank you for looking.

    Great Theme!!

  11. rein. Says:

    Hier ist meineKarte

  12. Alberta Says:

    Here’s my songbird:

  13. What a stunningly beautifuly piece for the sample this week and a wonderful theme. My artwork is on my blog…thanks for looking.

  14. wil Says:

    My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.

  15. Nordsee-Tine Says:

    Hello @ all!
    Here is mine:


    Thanks for looking!
    Have a nice week!

    Hugs Tine

  16. chriss Says:

    fantastic art xxx
    please check out
    thanks for looking
    chriss x

  17. I absolutely was thrilled with the theme this week. I finished a piece that I had laid aside for a time. Harmony In Nature encaustic art.

  18. lorraine Says:

    oh good an excuse to use my new buddha stamp..check out my blog

  19. Rosie Says:

    I love this piece of art – it’s brilliant! I have created another page in my Art Journal…


  20. In harmony with Nature, Dance is Inevitable. Here’s my harmonious atc. Thanks for having a look.

  21. Edna Says:

    My first attempt for your challenge, I love the theme.
    Here is the Link

  22. michele Says:

    Green helps my balance. Here’s my collage:
    Thank you for this forum and the lovely art from everyone.

  23. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Well my life has been more chaotic than harmonious this week (more on my blog) but I have managed to snatch a moment here and there to do bits on a work in progress – so that’s what I’m showing you this week: http://dianesartyantics.blogspot.com/

  24. ~*~Patty Says:

    Another wonderful challenge, thank you, here is my canvas:


  25. Debbi Baker Says:

    Love Karen’s piece!!

    Here is mine.

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