Ornamental Christmas


The wonderful Gillian stepped in issued this week’s challenge and created two wonderful examples for us. I have opted to only put one piece up on Mixed Media Monday – although they are both wonderful – so you can pop over to Gillian’s blog to have a look at them both.  Gillian’s challenge to you is to create a Christmas ornament or decoration, that can be hung on the tree, in a window, etc.  I had so much fun with this one, and I know you all will too 🙂

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48 Comments on “Ornamental Christmas”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    This was so much fun – I got carried away and made three pieces. Two have to be photographed, so here is the first one: http://dianesartyantics.blogspot.com/

  2. gillian Says:

    Thanks Diane for having me again, look forward to seeing everyone’s creations.

    here is mine:

  3. Char Says:

    My entry is here. Thank you.

  4. Kersten Says:

    What a beautiful sample!

    I used glass marbles for my ornaments this week. Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Kersten Says:

    Mine is posted to my blog. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  6. Anni Says:

    My christmas ornament is on my blog.

  7. katrin Says:

    wonderful theme and gorgeous sample! here is my entry:



  8. wil Says:

    My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.

  9. Mone is on my blog, fantastic theme by the way

  10. redlan Says:

    Hello everyone! Another great monday! I am always busy at work but I always take time to create artworks for mixed media monday. It’s nice to see different creations and to create one so here’s mine:


  11. My ornament is on my blog. What a wonderfully inspirational piece to greet us this morning, Gillian! Thanks for looking.

  12. Susie Dally Says:

    The links so far are fabulous!
    Here’s mine: http://abittatteredart.blogspot.com/

  13. Caroline Says:

    Gillian Great theme!

    Here are my ornaments

    thanks for looking

  14. Caroline Says:

    Gillian Great theme…

    here are my ornaments

    Thanks for looking…I hope this works this time…this is my third try

  15. Kim H Says:

    This is was much fun! I NEED to make more now that I have a ton of ideas spinning in my head!

    Thanks for the GORGEOUS inspiration!


  16. hastingshall2 Says:

    What fun this was! I may go and make others to give away! Here is my entry for Ornamental Christmas.

  17. lorraine Says:

    check out my victorian star book on my blog

  18. ~*~Patty Says:

    Gillian what a perfectly lovely inspiration piece and a wonderful theme too!
    Here is my Snow Queen Inchie Ornament:


  19. indybev Says:

    I posted mine yesterday before noon, and it’s yet to show up, so I’m going to try again. To see my Christmas, please visit my blog.


  20. Janet Says:

    Hi everyone, Here is mine. Thanks for looking


  21. Carole Says:

    I could have gone in so many different directions, but I chose to do glass slide ornaments.


  22. Rosie Says:

    What a stunning example Diane!! You know how to pick ’em!! here’s an ornamental arch I shall put in our window!


  23. mixedmediamonday Says:

    This challenge was too much fun – I had to do some needle felted ornaments for the Christmas as well. http://dianesartyantics.blogspot.com/ Diane

  24. Tami B. Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful challenge this week. It took me a couple of days to get all my snow people posted on the blog. Here is the last day’s entry.

  25. sally Says:


    My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking.


  26. lilipaon Says:

    I am not the first but perhaps not the last one
    Thanks for looking


  27. lilipaon Says:

    yes i was the last so I did not receive any comment, does my message fall into spam?

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