Paper Doll/Art Doll

mmm-artdoll-pattyThis week the very talented Patty is our guest host – and she has set such a fun challenge for us all – Paper doll/art doll.  So your challenge is to make an art doll from paper or any other materials you might have on hand.  Patty created this stunning holly dolly as a example for us all.  Thanks for the fun challenge, Patty!

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32 Comments on “Paper Doll/Art Doll”

  1. Marie Says:

    Great challenge.

    My paper doll is on my blog (not linked because doing so sends us to Spamville).

  2. mixedmediamonday Says:

    This is such a fun challenge, thanks Patty! Here’s mine!

  3. indybev Says:

    This challenge should bring some interesting results. I can’t wait to see! Mine is on my blog.

  4. B Says:

    That is an adorable doll. I had wondered what others would do. Here’s my attempt:

  5. I had a great time creating my doll:

    St. Nicholas


  6. redlan Says:

    I challenged to create paper doll for this week’s challenge.

    Here’s my paper doll:

    Have a Monday full of art to everyone!

  7. Diana Evans Says:

    I created mine from wood…and paper is made out of wood so I hope these are ok!!!

    Have a great day!!


  8. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed media Monday: art doll. Here my entry for Mixed media Monday: art […]

  9. AnniP Says:

    Fun challenge, my art dolls is on my blog, take a look – thanks

  10. rein. Says:

    Great challenge!
    >a href=””>Here is my paper doll.

  11. Nordsee-Tine Says:

    Good morning!

    Here is my doll:
    Thanks for looking!
    Have a nice start in the week!
    Hugs Tine

  12. ~*~Patty Says:

    It certainly is my pleasure to be guest designer for MMM. Thank YOU!!! Here are a couple of paper dolls I created with the same art doll head:

  13. Fannie Says:

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    Thanks for the challenge.

    Here’s my doll

  14. hastingshall2 Says:

    Great theme. HERE is my entry for this challenge.

  15. hastingshall2 Says:

    Oh, I see I didn’t read the instructions well enough. I just used a doll in my ATC, not create a doll. Sorry. (Just ignore my entry).

  16. Char Says:

    My entry is hers. Thank you.

  17. ~*~Patty Says:

    Hello Diane ~ Wasn’t sure if my comment went thru, thought I’d give it another try. Thanks again for having me 🙂

  18. sally Says:


    My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  19. Kimmie Says:

    What a fun and childlike theme this week! Thanks for hosting another fabulous challenge!

    Here’s my Inchie Santa Doll:

  20. Diane Says:

    This was fun to do – brings back many wonderful memories of making paper dolls.
    Here is my entry for the challenge:

  21. Janet Says:

    Hi Everyone

    This was so much fun. Great topic choice.


  22. Lisa Says:

    so much talent, so many beautiful dollies! Here’s mine, thanks for having a look…


  23. aino Says:

    How a beautiful doll. Here is mine.

    Thank you for looking.

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