What You Loved Doing in 2008


To round off the year, I thought it would be fun to see what everyone really loved doing during 2008.  So choose your most favourite thing, create something for us and let us see.  It is interesting to reflect back on a year, and see what direction our art has taken us.  Then it’s exciting to look towards the new year and the possibilities it holds for us artistically.  Have a fun and safe new year everyone!

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39 Comments on “What You Loved Doing in 2008”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    If you’d like to see more information about my piece, it’s here:

  2. Marie Says:

    Diane, you sample picture is amazing. So beautiful and such scrumptious colours and wonderful painting.

    My take on the challenge (far less classy!) is on my blog.

  3. B Says:

    I’ve learned so much this year. Much because of the challenges presented by MMM. Thanks so much for everything. Here is one of my favorite techniques learned this year:

  4. june Says:

    fantastic image. I truly love this. The colours are amazing too.
    I am not sure what i liked doing best in 2008 but i will think on that one
    Hugs June

  5. Kersten Says:

    What a gorgeous sample! 🙂

    I think I posted my link in a dfiferent thread, so here it is. My most favorite thing to work with this year has been acrylics – have also enjoyed branching out into postcard art and arches.

    Happy New Year!


  6. Interesting enough … my favorite piece for 2008 is the one I just finished 🙂

  7. Anni Says:

    Look in my blog and see my entry – thanks

  8. Janet Says:

    Hi everyone A great topic to round off a successful year.


    Thanks for looking Janet

  9. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: iets wat je graag deed in 2008. Nou is kiezen heel moeilijk, want er zijn veel dingen die ik […]

  10. Lisa Says:

    I learned a lot this year from yours and other challenge blogs – thank you! What I really love doing is making gifts for others – and I’m expecially excited to be experimenting more with acrylic paints and 3-D objects. So here is a gift I made for my sister-in-law, in which she said she will put all her NY rezzies and then open it next NY to see how she did!

  11. Nordsee-Tine Says:

    Good morning,
    here is mine:
    Thanks for looking!
    Happy new year @ all!
    Hugs Tine

  12. redlan Says:

    Welcome back to all of us. How’s your christmas?

    this is my entry for this week’s challenge.


  13. What a great theme….difficult to decide on just one thing that I’ve loved doing this year but I did. My entry is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  14. june Says:

    I love all of the entries here and making my way around them.
    Here is mine http://junesartyretreat.blogspot.com/

    thanks for the challenge
    Hugs June

  15. Doris O. Says:

    Happy New Year! Here’s my favorite art work of 2008.

  16. wil Says:

    My entry is on my blog
    thanks for looking.

  17. indybev Says:

    I enjoy trying new things, and this year I’ve been trying to become more proficient at layering and blending in my digital art. I’m so happy to find Mixed Media Monday, where all sorts of art is accepted and supported! My entry is on mu blog.


  18. I am so happy to get to do MMM this week!

    Here is my offering, combining paper and fabric in collage

  19. hastingshall2 Says:

    What a fantastic idea – to show off our different favorite techniques! I enjoyed playing with shiny stuff this year, like Pearl-Ex and Moon Glow. Here is



  20. Here is what I love doing:

    Paris 1900 – Dream

    Wonderful challenge! Happy New Year everyone!

  21. Kimmie Says:

    I have really enjoyed a new technique using oil pastels ….

    Here’s my post: http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com/2008/12/favorite-technique-in-2008.html

  22. Beautiful sample. This is a great theme, as it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the wonderful online art community and what it has meant to me in 2008.
    Here is my entry

  23. ~*~Patty Says:

    Diane! Your canvas is stunning and beautiful in every way = LOVE it!!! Thank you for a really fun year of challenges, it has been wonderful. I did finally decide on one thing that I especially Loved, thank you getting me to make yet another piece of altered cutlery 🙂 Wishing a Happy Artfilled New Year to All oxoxo


  24. Audrey Meijs Says:

    Hi, my entry is on my blog!

    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

  25. Hello. I’m submitting a new piece I made. But I might be cheating here. The piece is about winter, and no, I don’t love winter. I used to when I was young. But now I’m older, and live in Colorado, and so NO, I don’t like the cold and snow like I did when I was young. Now, I wish I could migrate south in the winter.

    However, I used caulk for the background of this piece for some great texture. And I DO love using caulk in my art. So that’s what I love about this piece. I hope that counts for posting in this challenge. I hope you take a look.


  26. Alberta Says:

    What I loved doing in 2008 was finding kindred spirits through my art and blogging. My entry is on my blog. Happy New Year!

  27. Jean Says:

    What a wonderful year it has been…thanks for the challenge of review!!



  28. Here’s my Vanilla bun ATC

    Thank you for the challenge & thank you for looking!
    happy new year to everyone!

  29. Fannie Says:

    Happy New Year, Everyone!


    I wish all of you inspiration and lots of creativity in the new year.

  30. Hazel Says:

    A couple of cards from me – here

  31. Hazel Says:

    and here
    Happy New Year

  32. I’m a little late, but here is my fun project for 2008. They were lots of fun and made great gifts.

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