This week the very talented Marie returns with another challenge for us – moon/lunar.  Marie created this wonderful piece for us, and this is what she said:  I was inspired to create this picture by an old song “Paper Moon”.  (“It’s only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea.  Yes. it’s only a canvas sky hanging over a muslin tree.”  – The punchline is “And it wouldn’t be make-believe if you believed in me”).  So, your challenge is to make a piece using the theme “moon/lunar” – you can opt for a paper moon like Marie, or interpret the theme in whichever way you like!  Have fun!

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55 Comments on “Moon/Lunar”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    OK, everyone, you will need to be gentle with me – this is my painted face ever!

  2. B Says:

    The moon is ripe with meaning and imagery, but I went pretty simple:

  3. Hi all

    First time I’ve played in yonks. I’ve just recently finished a painting, which I titled, she turned her face to the sun. However you could interpret it as the moon behind her head 🙂

  4. indybev Says:

    I got all wrapped up in a paper moon and a cardboard sea. Thanks for the challenge. It was great fun. My entry is on my blog.

  5. Alberta Says:

    Fly me to the moon!

  6. Anni Says:

    My entry is on my blog – thanks for looking

  7. Honor Bowden Says:

    Hi all, this is my first time here… hoping to participate each week!

    My moon illo is titled ‘Sweet Dreams’ and you can see it over here:

  8. Janet Says:

    Hi everyone,
    As many people have to sign on as anonymous because they aren’t members of Live Journal, I would like to say that I really appreciate the comments that people leave Thank you Janet

  9. katrin Says:

    good morning together and a happy new year to all!
    grest theme – thanks!

    here is my entry:


  10. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: maan. Het plaatje is een freebie op mijn blog en vind je hier. Here my entry for Mixed Media […]

  11. Ava Says:

    Walking the golf course in winter twilight–it always makes me think of this Wendell Berry poem.

    Thanks for letting me play!

  12. Ava Says:

    Whoops–having techical difficulties–will post later

  13. My entry for this wonderful theme is on my blog. What a gorgeous piece of artwork to inspire us!!

  14. krissie Says:

    when the moon hits your eye……………….

    havent played for months but this one really inspired so heres mine:

    happy new yr everyone!!

  15. redlan Says:

    Happy new year guys!

    this is my entry for the first time in 2009:

  16. wil Says:

    My entry is on my blog.
    tthanks for looking.

  17. Virginia Says:

    Great theme.Mine is on My Blog
    Thanks for looking.

  18. Vigdis Says:

    Great theme. You’ll find my contribution here…

  19. Great fun Marie and really enjoyed doing it.

    Mine is on my blog

    Thank you for looking.

  20. motivart Says:

    happy new year to all
    my moon is in
    thanks for visiting and the encouraging comments

  21. Ahkeraliisa Says:

    Here`s my 4×4. Thanks for looking!

  22. Connie Says:

    My first time to addend your challenge 🙂

    Here’s my result…

  23. sunny79 Says:

    Okay, I had a look around my stamping place, had an idea and made two ATC
    Hope you’ll enjoy it as I did.

    Greetings from Germany by Marina.

  24. lorraine Says:

    check out my sister moon fabric collage..great theme and I love Maries piece

  25. Bobbi Says:

    here’s mine!

  26. aino Says:

    Sorry! I put this link in wrong box. It have to be here: Couple under the moon is here: Thank you for looking.

  27. Eija Says:

    here is my moon-atc. Thank you for looking 🙂

  28. Honor Bowden Says:

    Wow, thanks so much everyone for such a great response! I just wish I’d joined sooner. 🙂 Looking forward to next week. x

  29. Sue Says:

    Better late than never here is my entry for this week, thanks for looking

  30. Pam Says:

    Mine’s late too-and very simple

  31. sally Says:


    My entry is now on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  32. Pumpkinfairy Says:

    Here is my entry for the Moon challenge..It is on my blog!!
    Thanks so much for looking!

  33. Julie Says:

    My very first challenge with you guys. You do some awesome work and this is quite new to me so here is my first and hopefully not my last MMM

  34. anuckamuck Says:

    I had fun with this one, thanks for the challenge, Here is my piece

  35. Nordsee-Tine Says:

    here is my moon:
    Thanks for looking!
    Have a nice sunday!
    Hugs Tine

  36. Hazel Says:

    I know it’s last minute, but there’s a card from me here

  37. fragmentedmentalconfetti Says:

    I posted my piece already, but I found the password to my blog, and wanted to repost my piece with a link to the blog so people could respond if they wanted.

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