Art That Represents Your Country

mmm-country-redlanRedlan is being guest host for the first time this week.  He is challenging us to make a piece of art that represents our country.  This is, as always, open to your own interpretation so have fun with it.  It is a good week for this challenge, since today, January 26, is Australia Day!  Happy Australia day to all the Aussies who take part in the challenges.  It is also Chinese New Year, so happy new year to everyone that celebrates that!  Enjoy Redlan’s challenge everyone!

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40 Comments on “Art That Represents Your Country”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    I had fun with this one – a little bit of nonsense, really.

  2. Virginia Says:

    Wonderful theme.
    Mine is Here
    Happy Australia Day and thanks for looking.

  3. B Says:

    There were so many options. I hope you guys like this one

  4. Marie Says:

    My entry is a little bit tongue-in-cheek (well more than a little).

    You can find it on my blog.

  5. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone…what a wonderful challenge this week…
    it is hard to fit everything on one piece….but these are some small things I love about HOME sweet HOME….

    here is my submission….


  6. redlan Says:

    Hello everyone! I’m excited to see different arts that represent your own country.

    Thanks for join my challenge. Thanks to MMM family for the great opportunity!

  7. Anni Says:

    My entry is on my blog.

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  9. What a fantastic theme and a beautiful piece of art to inspire us. My Canadian pieces are on my blog. Thanks for havng a look.

  10. My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking. I still cannot make a direct link in this text. Can anyone help me?

  11. Julie Says:

    Lovely challenge…heres mine

  12. Char Says:

    My entry is here. Take a peek. Thank you.

  13. This was really a challenge for me. Here is my entry.

    Faye’s Entry


  14. Mal wieder kurz vorm letzten Glockenschlag.. – not long to midnight
    My entry:

    Thanks for looking

  15. Cassie Says:

    I haven’t done many of these as I am just starting to work with paper instead of digital work. I have always done photography in the past. I love mixed media and hopefully I will get better at it as I do more of it.

  16. Ahkeraliisa Says:

    Here`s my atc, thanks for looking!

  17. Janet Says:

    Hi everyone

    Here is Australia. Janet

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  19. I love my sunburnt country! Here is my spread!

    Michelle Brown
    (very hot!) Melbourne, Australia

  20. Hi I’ve sent mine twice now but it doesn’t appear to be getting through. Kind regards

  21. You can find mine on my blog

    Thanks for looking.

  22. millicent Says:

    This is my first MMM challenge.

    Thanks, it was fun. Looking forward to next week.

  23. Lidy Says:

    Ozstuff wrote me to send my challenge to MMM and here it is!

  24. Mine is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  25. jasminduft Says:

    I’m terribly late for this one. 😦
    A new theme has already been posted so I guess nobody will see my collage. 😦
    Anyway, just in case, the link is:

    Thanks for looking!

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