mmm-heroes-bethThis week the talented Beth is returning with a new challenge for us – “heroes”.  She created this wonderful piece “Georgia on my mind” as inspiraton for us (I’m sure you can see more about this piece on her blog). As always, “heroes” is open to your interpretation.  Have fun.

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33 Comments on “Heroes”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    In the end, the choice of my heroes was an easy one, after the terrible bush fires in Victoria:

  2. Virginia Says:

    Thank You for this timely theme..
    Mine is Here
    Thanks for lookin

  3. Marie Says:

    My “Hero” is on my blog.

  4. B Says:

    There are many people we can see as heroes, and it’s important to honor them. I look forward to seeing what all of your do with the challenge.

  5. Smullis Says:

    I have two submissions for this challenge. One is an ATC and the other is a page I created for a Geocaching travel bug called “Book of Heroes”.

    My Heroes

  6. Honor Bowden Says:

    I couldn’t help myself from drawing David Bowie for this one… here he is. Now the song is going to be stuck in my head all day! Thanks for visiting. x

  7. indybev Says:

    When I thought about this, I kept returning to my true hero, my father. Thanks for this opportunity to honor him!


  8. Diana Evans Says:

    hi Everyone…

    I dedicate this piece to all the Heroes who make peace possible….


    thanks for popping by….

  9. Magdalene Says:

    come and visit my mixed media monday entry for heroes…this was very inspirational to me…I hope you like it too..


  10. Kersten Says:

    My heroine is posted to my blog! Thanks for taking a peek. 🙂


  11. Thea Says:


    The card is on my blog
    greetings Thea

  12. Lidy Says:

    At first I find it difficult; who is a hero.
    But HERE is my challenge!!!

  13. anneke Says:

    here is my entry for today

  14. Doris O. Says:

    Here’s mine. Make sure to double click on the image thttp://strandsandstitches.typepad.com/strandsandstitches/2009/02/this-weeks-mixed-media-monday-challenge-was-heroes-i-decided-to-go-with-a-hero-mandala-pondering-upon-the-word-hero-led-me.htmlo get the big picture.

  15. What a fantastic tribute to Georgia, Beth! One of my heroes is on my blog. This is a fantastic theme!

  16. Here is my entry!=) Thanks for the challenge!=)

  17. Rosie Says:

    Beth’s quilt is wonderful! Great theme, but I’ve bottled my heroes!


  18. SaLi Says:

    my entry is on my blog

  19. K Hutchinson Says:

    What a fun theme to play with! Gorgeous piece for inspiration!

    Here is mine:

  20. Janet Says:

    Hi everyone

    Here is mine loriidae.livejournal.com/56992.html


  21. Stef H Says:

    Oh Diane…. I’m sooo sorry. Would you like me to repost???? Or I can just add the link on MY post which I’ll be very happy to do!

  22. Anni Says:

    My entry is on my blog, take a look – thanks

  23. redlan Says:

    I know am late but sorry I am kinda busy at work these days.

    Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge:


  24. Hello. Late too, but I’m lucky to be here at all!! Thank you for a very inspiring challenge. It has kind of given birth to a discussion opportunity on the merits of hand- vs. digital-collage. I hope you will come by to look and comment on the discussion.

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