Come Fly With Me!

mmm-fly“Come Fly With Me” is my prompt to you  this week.  As always, it’s  open to your own interpretations – and I know there’ll be some great ones.  Think anything with wings – well perhaps not penguins or kiwis, since they can’t fly, grin!  Have fun, I’m looking forward to seeing what you all create!

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71 Comments on “Come Fly With Me!”

  1. femmy Says:

    mine is on my blog here

  2. Hi All,

    Here is my entry for the week, here on my blog


  3. indybev Says:

    I just finished doing a vintage “flying piece” in my gallery at, but it’s such a fun theme I was glad to see it featured here at Mixed Media Monday.

  4. Rosie Says:

    I love your canvas! here’s my fantasy flying piece!! =)

  5. Willy Says:

    Here is my entry.
    Thanks for looking.

  6. Kersten Says:

    Mine is posted to my blog. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  7. Kersten Says:

    Oops – maybe I can post the more current link. Disregard first post. Sorry!

  8. Carol Says:

    Can’t wait to see what people come up with. It was fun to work with such a great prompt! Right up my alley! See my work here

  9. Carol Says:

    Such a fun prompt! Now if I could get this comment to post! Please visit my blog to take a look at my piece 🙂

  10. Marie Says:

    My “flying” picture is on my blog!! (Beautiful sample picture).

  11. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone…

    I had so much fun with these fluttering butterflies….

    here is my submission….

    thanks for stopping by!!!

  12. redlan Says:

    Hello to my MMM family!

    I am so busy these days preparing for the Annual Income Tax. However, I like the theme this week. It’s summer here in the Philippines.

    Here’s my entry:

    Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

  13. B. Neal Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOh I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! Here’s mine, enjoy.


  14. B. Neal Says:

    Well that didn’t type in correctly.
    Let’s try that again.

  15. B. Neal Says:

    Well, it did something funny with my link.
    Let’s try it again.

  16. B. Neal Says:

    Oh dear, sorry about that. Third time is a charm, right?


  17. ~*~Patty Says:

    What a fantastic inspiration piece and a great theme too, thank you!

    Here is my 5 x 7 canvas:

  18. Tine Says:

    Good morning,
    i have two cards for this challenge:
    Thanks für looking!
    Have a nice start in the week!
    Hugs Tine

  19. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed media Monday: come fly with me. Het plaatje komt van Art Creations Friday en de prachtige achtergrond is een […]

  20. anneke Says:

    here is my entry for today

  21. Lynn Stevens Says:

    my Butterfly Papillon is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  22. barnie Says:

    Hello, just a wonderful theme, here are my CDs:

  23. Janet Says:

    Hi everyone

    Here is mine, thanks for looking


  24. Phew! Made one! Here’s the entry :

    Now to look at the others!


  25. joan craft Says:

    Here is my interpretation
    joan in italy

  26. Cora Says:

    Here is my e

  27. What a stunningly beautiful canvas to inspire us this week. My entry is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  28. aino Says:

    What’s a huge work. I love colour and birds. Lovely work.
    Here is something which flying. Thank you for looking.

  29. Kathy Says:

    I just want you all to know, I am trying to comment on each entry, I am not sure if it is a glitch on my end or WordPress, but I am having major problems… I love each and every creation I am seeing. Just beautiful!

  30. Buffy Says:

    My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking!

  31. Janny Says:

    My entry is on my Blog, thanks for the challenge;o)

  32. michelleleestudios Says:

    Here is my piece for the wings theme. It is a mixed-media collage piece on personal freedom as a woman. You may view the piece on my website at

  33. Anni Says:

    My entry is on my blog.

  34. Amy Says:

    WOW, alot of participants today! Great theme.

    Here is my FLY atc.

  35. I’m overwhelmed that I have 48 posts ahead of mine! But here it is.

    Faye’s MMM Entry


  36. I am flying with my altered book. Thanks for challenge!

  37. Shelly Says:

    Hi all! This is the first time I’ve had the chance to take part in this challenge. You can see my skinny on my blog. Thanks for looking!

  38. Kimmie Says:

    I made a sign to hang up in my workspace – reminding me to “fly”

  39. lorraine Says:

    well my ATC woman has got birds on her mind or her head!!

  40. Better late than never, lol. Here’s mine:

    Fly Away Home


  41. Carole Says:

    Please view my ATC’s at my blog….


    Thanks for looking!

  42. Deborah Says:

    I hope it’s permissable to participate with a digital piece. I LOVE winged things! Mine’s here:

  43. Great theme!! Mine is HERE

  44. I think I typed-in the link wrong above….I’ll try again HERE

  45. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Better late than never, here is my entry.

    Set Free Your Dreams

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