MMM-numbers2-PattyThis week the very talented Patty returns with this inspirational piece and a challenge of  “numbers”.  So use some numbers in your art this week, and have fun!

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63 Comments on “Numbers”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Here’s my little collage piece for this week:

  2. Marie Says:

    What a gorgeous sample picture from Patty! Absolutely scrumptious.
    My Numbers picture is on my blog.

  3. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone….I made you all a sweet treat!

    Hope you enjoy my silly take on the theme…

    here is my link

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!

  4. lynn Stevens Says:

    Beautiful sampler Patty. My number chalkboard is on my blog heretrashtotreasureart

  5. ~*~Patty Says:

    If you’d like a closer look at my Anchor Line Ladies, you can visit me here:

  6. indybev Says:

    OK, Patty, numbers led me to an amusing place. Thanks for the journey! Your example is beautiful, by the way! Mine is to be found here:

  7. redlan Says:

    Hello my mixed media monday family!

    Here’s my art for this week’s art challenge:

    Happy Monday to all!

  8. Nicola Toms Says:

    Here is my submission for ‘Numbers’

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s work!!

  9. Wonderful theme! Here’s mine:

    I Adore You!

    ~~~TFL! Have a great week! – Kris

  10. Virginia Says:

    Wonderful theme.My ATC is Here
    Thanks for looking

  11. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: nummers. Here my entry for Mixed Media Monday: […]

  12. nan Says:

    Love the sample piece! Here’s mine

  13. rein Says:

    Hello all,
    My entry is on my blog

  14. Hi all, here is my sampler,
    have a lovely monday.

    xo Dorthe

  15. astridchristine Says:

    My contribution is on my new blog:
    it is also on my normal blog
    Thanks for looking!

  16. Patti, your piece is nothing short of stunning! I just keep going back to look at it! My card is on my blog for this theme. Thanks for having a look.

  17. Anita Says:


    You can see my entry on my blog:

    TFL 🙂

  18. Gorgeous sample! It has inspired me to step up my game and make a second piece! My first is on my blog and really, well, it’s why I need to make a second piece!

  19. Buffy Says:

    My entry is on my blog.Thanks for looking.

  20. stampingwitch Says:

    my sample for week
    thanks for looking

  21. Martina Says:

    Hi All,

    here is my numbers work
    Thanks for looking.

  22. Meikoningin Says:

    My numbers on a series of ATC’s 🙂

  23. wil Says:

    My entry is on my blog
    thanks for looking.

  24. Rosie Says:

    Love Patty’s example – how inspiring! Better late than never, here’s my altered coaster!!

  25. Alberta Says:

    I’m late but I’m here!

  26. Anni Says:

    My numbers is on my blog – thanks for looking

  27. ellen Says:

    it took a few days , how can we say late?? it’s only Tuesday .

    my number can be seen on my blog

  28. lilibulle Says:

    as you know patty, i’m your fan!!! so there is my entry .. i’m going to see yours!! thank you!!!

  29. lilibulle Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii !!! my entry is on my blog!!! thank you!

  30. Kerstin Says:

    My entry for this Challenge.


    LG Kerstin

  31. Janny Says:

    Great piece of work Patty, thank’s for the challenge here is my entry:

  32. […] is my entry for the “Numbers” challenge sponsored by Mixed Media Monday. A challenge is presented once a week on Monday. There […]

  33. Christen Says:

    Thank you all for such wonderful inspiration. Here is my entry for this weeks challenge “Measuring Up”. Christen

  34. Sabina Says:

    Thanks for a great challenge and what a lot of great inspiration! Haven\’t had time to look at all the entries yet but the ones I\’ve seen are brilliant!
    This is my first time playing along so please be gentle lol! My journal page is here:

    Any comments are more than welcome!

  35. Kimmie Says:

    I’m a couple of days late with this one:)

    I think my “welcome and peace” sign is almost done!

  36. lorraine Says:

    lot of entrants this week..check out my little art quilt square

  37. Jeanette Huisbrink Says:

    Here’s my try with the number challange:

  38. Millam Says:

    Some problems with counting…


  39. NatashaMay Says:

    Here arw my numbers for this challenge.:)
    Thanks for looking.
    x Natasha x

  40. Viv Says:

    My entry is on my blog.

    Thanks for looking.

  41. jean Says:

    love those numbers!! patty’s example is stunning!!

    here is mine


  42. mixedmediamonday Says:

    What a sweet little creation, Wil! Diane

  43. Jeanette Huisbrink Says:

    Just an other entry for this weeks theme.

  44. I am sorry mine is so late this week
    here it is

  45. bernie Says:

    Hi ! I’m new and for Monday is Monday dead line, so I’m late too !
    Never mind, here is my homework :

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