Playful Dolls

MMM-playfuldolls-DianaThis week Diana is issuing her first challenge to us – playful dolls!  What fun! As always, this is open to your own interpretation and I can’t wait to see what everyone does.

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33 Comments on “Playful Dolls”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    What fun! Thankyou Diana! Here’s my doll:

  2. indybev Says:

    I love the challenges that let me be in a silly mood and make fanciful art! I submit Eldora!

  3. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Everyone…I am honored to be the guest host this week!!! I hope you enjoy the challenge and have fun…

    Here is my piece with a few extra playful dolls I made…

    Happy Creating!


  4. Nicola Toms Says:

    Great challenge Diana!!

    Here is my entry, i look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

  5. peggy gatto Says:

    I love to play with paper dolls and think if I had a paper doll it would be some kind of bear!
    So I made one!

  6. Very fun theme!! I LOVE Diana’s inspiration piece!! Mine is HERE

  7. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: playful dolls. Het basispatroontje van de “tweeling” komt uit Clowns & Co van Wil […]

  8. Redlan Says:

    Hello my Mixed Media Monday family!

    Meet the Miss Universe 2009 doll pageant.

  9. Rosie Says:

    Here comes Marie-on-a-stick! Great fun Diana – thanks again!!

  10. Anni Says:

    My doll is on my blog

  11. Diana! I was so excited to see you as host this week. Your doll is oh so chique!! My piece for this theme is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  12. Marina Says:

    Hier is mijn bijdrage voor het geweldige thema van deze week.
    Here is my entry for this weeks terrific theme.

  13. Kerstin Says:

    My entry for this week.
    LG Kerstin

  14. Christen Says:

    Hi there, what fun this was! I love to play with dolls! Here she is:

  15. Hi Diana, thanks for the fun.
    Here is my entry this week.

  16. mixedmediamonday Says:

    I simply couldn’t resist making another doll:

  17. Annette Q Says:

    Hi everyone,
    My doll is here:

    Excellent challenge Diana!! 🙂

  18. Sabina Says:

    Here is my entry:

    I had loads of fun making this, thanks for a great challenge!

    Sab x

  19. Laura Says:

    I have a playful doll. She is called Blossom. You will have to scroll down my blog to find her as she has been playing already. You can find her here

  20. I had so much fun doing this one, but I think I may be posting late. If so, sorry! I am still trying to figure out how this works.

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