Sorry everyone, my computer has died! Fingers crossed that I’ll be back online soon. Keep checking back for new challenge.  Wish me luck!!

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32 Comments on “Uh-Oh”

  1. rein Says:

    Too bad, hope your are back omline soon,
    Good luck!

  2. barnie Says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Cindy Adkins Says:

    Best of luck, Diane…I hope it’s up and running soon!

  4. Bev Says:

    I just went through a “crash” a couple of weeks ago. I feel your pain! Hope it all comes together soon.

  5. best of luck for your PC!

    here is my ATC

    xxx Susi

  6. Kelly Says:

    good luck fixing your computer. 🙂

    my challenge is altered egg library card

  7. Rosie Says:

    Good luck Diane! Nightmare… =(

  8. Faye Says:

    Good luck, Diane! Hope all is well soon.

  9. Hane Says:

    Hope you´ll get your computer to work soon !
    I put my digicard to my blog anyway…

  10. shelle777 Says:

    sorry to hear that….i know it’s really the pits! here’s mine


  11. Sorry that you’re still dealing with this! I hope it works out, Kristin xo

  12. Carolyn Says:

    Oh that is such a bummer! Been there, done that, bought a new hard drive (twice). Hope you’re back with us soon!

    My Egg

    Hoping everyone has a creative week

  13. Cindy Adkins Says:

    I’ve got 2 entries this week on my page–Happy Easter everyone!!!! And Diane, I hope your internet will be up and running soon…best of luck with it!

  14. Lisa Says:

    I hope you’re up and running soon! computer problems stink.

    My nest of eggs is on my blog…

  15. Ellie Knol Says:

    I thought uh-oh is the new challenge! LOL

  16. Oh sorry for your bad news. Here is my entry: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/mixed-media-monday-eggs/
    Warm regards Hermine

  17. Sandy Says:

    Really bad news. I hope you come back.

    Here is my entry:


  18. hilda Says:

    Hope all is well soon my egg is on my blog


    Thanks for looking

  19. If you were closer I’d send my boyfriend round – he’s a whizz when it comes to pcs… It is amazing how much we come to rely on them. Get well wishes to you!
    My eggs are here
    (made by my son this week!)

  20. Lori Saul Says:


    Wow- I have been checking back- so sorry you are having computer problems Diane( it does happen to all of us). I wasn’t sure if we were to post here- but it looks like everyone has. My entry is on my blog .

  21. Good luck Diane!! Computer woes are the worst! I suffered from them last year at this time. Wishing you well!!! XOXO

  22. tammy Says:

    I was waiting to post, but saw that others have already. here’s mine. good luck with the computer.

  23. Anni Says:

    Hi Diane, sorry to see you having problems with your computer, hope your are back online soon, if anyone would want to see my eggs go to my blog – thanks.

  24. Oh Diane, I’m so sorry about your computer woes! Hope you are up and running again very soon. My entry for this week’s theme is on my blog here:


  25. Rhonda Says:

    Happy Easter, all! My ‘Egg’ collage is on my blog. Hope your computer is feeling better soon – cheers!


  26. amy Says:

    Here are my egg’s.. Thank you for looking & happy holiday

  27. Christen Says:

    Oh Diane- I am truly sorry that this happened to you. We experienced a similar problem in November, it is like having your arms and brain cut off! Glad that you are back, albeit lighter in the wallet!

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