Art of the Week – Wedded Bliss

There were lots of wonderful art pieces depicting wedded bliss and the not so blissful side as well!  Such fun visiting all the blogs!  I have chosen this gorgeous piece by Trudie as Art of the Week this week.  Congratulations, Trudie!

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5 Comments on “Art of the Week – Wedded Bliss”

  1. Cindy Adkins Says:

    Congratulations!!! How beautiful!!!

  2. Anni Says:

    Congratulations dear Trudie, your fabric art is wonderful.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Congratulations my dear friend Trudie.
    Your work is awesome.

  4. Trudie Says:

    I was very suprised that I was chosen for the Art of the week. Fabric art, I love it so much!!!
    Thanks friends for your lovely congratulations.
    I have a very lucky day.
    Thanks. Trudie

  5. Barb C. Says:

    Lovely piece. I like the reference to Holst. He’s a favorite composer of mine. I’ll have to find out more about that piece, I’m not familiar with it.

    Truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    -Barb C.

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