Your challenge this week is “buttons” – use buttons on your piece of art, or draw some on – or do whatever takes your fancy as long as there is at least one button featured.  Have fun!

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36 Comments on “Buttons”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    The details of my little jacqueline in the box are here: http://dianesartyantics.blogspot.com

  2. Bev Says:

    I’m probably a rebel on this one. I went for a sort of different button…. It’s HERE

  3. bythesea64 Says:

    Mine is here! Thanks for the fun and inspiration.

  4. Here is mine,
    “Cute as a Button”
    Thank you,
    Kristin xo

  5. Honor Says:

    This was a fun one! I’ve also included a little giveaway with my fashionista over here. x

  6. peggy gatto Says:

    I chose an image from a new site(posted link to share)
    Cute as a …..
    what fun!

  7. Christine Says:

    You can find my entry here Thanks for looking!

  8. Lisa Says:

    I made this without paintbrush and paint – now there’s a novelty!!

  9. Jenny Says:

    Had so much fun with this one…
    thanks for looking
    Jenny x

  10. Anni Says:

    My entry is on my blog

  11. I had fun working with buttons…I made two pictures tell me which one you prefer.


  12. cyndee Says:

    love your little girl in the box. here’s my entry for “buttons”.



  13. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Here is my entry…thanks for looking 🙂


  14. irit Says:

    Great challenge and here is my take- one altered chipboard button and one real vintage

  15. jopa Says:


    findet ihr meinen Beitrag!

    lg noch

  16. Rebecca Says:

    A day late but better than never, as they say!


    Thanks, Rebecca

  17. […] een vilten boekje gemaakt. De tekst stempel is van Studio Art Stamps en tevens mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: knopen. Another felted booklet. The text stamp is from Studio Art Stamps. And my entry for […]

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