Art of the Week – Buttons

There were some wonderful submissions this week for what I apologise for being a fairly uninspired challenge.  That didn’t phase you lot though!  This piece by Bev is particularly inspiring – not only her clever adaption of the theme (with her escape button) but for the wonderful execution, to make this a very intriguing piece of art!  Congratulations Bev!

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4 Comments on “Art of the Week – Buttons”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    That’s a wonderful take on the theme!!


  2. Glenda-TwoCoolTexans Says:

    This piece is simply awesome!!

  3. Bev Says:

    I’m honored to be chosen as art of the week. Thanks to everyone for their generous and kind comments!

  4. Bev, your superbly original picture deserves its choice as art of the week. Who else would have thought to use the escape button while winding around it a mystery which has us all guessing? Fantastic and a standing ovation from me.

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