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As from next week, Mixed Media Monday is going monthly. That means that you will have a full month to create your piece of art, and post it to our site.  In fact, I intend to continue with the little psst” message that gives you the upcoming challenge, so that will give you up to two months to create a piece.

I hope everyone will continue to enjoy Mixed Media Monday. I think being a monthly challenge will give those of us who wish to, more time to create larger projects, and take the pressure off trying to have something ready to post in a week.

So that we can keep the name Mixed Media Monday, I will post the new challenges on the first Monday of the month – so we will be Mixed Media Monday – Monthly 🙂

I hope this will suit most people and that you will continue to take a challenge with us.

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10 Comments on “News Flash”

  1. Lori Saul Says:

    I will make note of the change. Given more time to create larger and more complex pieces is good- it certainly lends towards mixed media projects better, given everyone is so busy. Good luck!

  2. Hi Diane – three of us manage the Muses weekly challenge which makes the load a lot lighter but it is still a big job, making sure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted – especially when making sure not to miss anyone in the comments. I can only imagine what it must be like for you to do all this without help. I think your fans are going to find their Mondays a wee bit empty from now on but, of course, everyone understands the pressures you are under. Added to that, those artists who meticulously craft their entries by hand are probably breathing a sigh of relief that they have more time to play with. Thanks so much for giving us something to do on dreary Mondays!!
    Cheers, Marie.

  3. Anni Says:

    A wonderful idea Diane, so glad you are doing this great work with Mixed Media Monday, I love the challenge here.

  4. Zuzu Says:

    You know my thoughts already …. And a good mixed media piece can be done in anything from an hour to taking months.. so having 4 weeks to work on something and have drying time and still do the rest of life seems a great idea.
    There are three of us on Alter it monthly, and its a much more relaxed challenge site to run with the time span. (also gives time to take part in other peoples challenges too )

  5. Rosie Says:

    Well, as long as we don’t lose you entirely Diane, I agree with Zuzu and Marie! I shall make time for Alter it monthly too now!! (I’ll try…!!)

  6. Faye Says:

    Sounds fine with me, Diane. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with challenges I want to enter. This allows a bit more time to create. Just don’t disappear altogether because this is one of my favorite challenges.

  7. katrin Says:

    diana, i know what a big job is it to manage a weekly challenge!!! you made it FAB all the time!!! but think to have more time than a week ist good for all who wants to have more time for a big project or someone who couldn’t play weekly (like me). i think it’s an good idea. wish you so mutch luck for the changing!!!

    see you (later)

  8. jean Says:

    i am grateful for all you have done here and am glad to have your challenge at all…i do think it would be nice to have more time to create…i miss many of the challenges because it does take me longer…i really appreciate the time and energy it takes to keep this up and running…thank you

  9. Diane – you are doing such a great job here!

    Monthly challenges will be much better for me – I look in every week, have a plan to make something with the theme in mind, then the week slips by, so having a month to create and post is a good idea!

  10. Inka Says:

    I am so thankful for all you do to keep this going. I know it has to be a tremendous amount of work. I do hate to see it go to once a month. I am always fighting the deadline and post much later in the week than most however I love the encouragement the challenge gives me. You do need to do what is right for you so I will still enjoy this challenge no matter how often a new one is posted 🙂
    Artful hugs!

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