Boxing Clever

This week Carol is here for the first time to host a challenge for us.  She has chosen “boxing clever” as your challenge prompt, and created this amazing box to inspire us all.  This challenge simply means you need to use some sort of box in your piece – that could mean an altered box, a handmade box, a shadow box.  Or you could draw a box in your piece or made a card with a box stamp on it.  This is, as always, entirely open to however you’d like to interpret it. Have fun being “boxing clever”!  And remember, you have until the end of November to get your piece finished and posted on our blog.

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34 Comments on “Boxing Clever”

  1. Yahoo welcome back…while you were gone I had time to box up everything so here it is my life in boxes:

  2. […] month’s challenge over at Mixed Media Monday is all about boxes! I love boxes and have a great collection; some have bits and pieces stored away […]

  3. I love boxes ~ great challenge!

    Here is my purple gift box:

    Happy creating,

  4. Vena Says:

    That is gorgeous! How did you get the shadowy cogs on the side – stencils? Vena

  5. Well, there’s a box in my new painting “Rough Magic.” Does that count?

  6. Carol Says:

    Happens I had just found an old shelf and had it primed and ready when the prompt came up. Worked all day yesterday and since early morning, and here it is!

  7. kathy Says:

    Hi everyone, long time no see. I am back to blogging I hope you will come by to see me and keep me inspired.
    Here is my entry:

  8. Bev Says:

    Here’s my BOX of treasures.

  9. PeggyR Says:

    The box is lovely. This is my first time participating in this. Here’s my box –

  10. Zuzu Says:

    My altered Cheese boxes are here 🙂 thanks to anyone who has a look

  11. […] Brake for Stamps, deze 2 merken zitten namelijk door elkaar in een map). En aangezien het thema van Mixed Media Monday: boxing clever is kan hij mooi meedoen met deze […]

  12. Anika Says:

    Fab blog, love all the art work. Simply had to join in…
    Anika xx

  13. dymphie Says:

    Fun theme 🙂 i made a giftbox to hold tea lights:
    Template will follow in a few days, have to fine tune it a little 🙂

  14. Indira Says:

    Many thanks to all those who commented on my submission.

  15. Zuzu Says:

    I took the time to do a box that was specifically for mixed media monday as the last entry was added on to something else in case i didnt get time.. I had guilt lol. so here is the actual entry…

  16. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Here is my box for a seamstress
    Thanks for looking 🙂

  17. peggy gatto Says:

    I love doing decoupage! It’s like putting together a puzzle!
    This my 4″ x6″ 3″ cigar box.
    thanks for the challenge!

  18. Vena Says:

    This was so much fun! This is what happens when my idea box melts down on Idea #9999. Can you believe it started as a pink plastic Barbie box bank?


  19. Joanna Says:

    What a great challenge!! mine is on my blog.

  20. I’m just getting in “under the wire” but really liked this theme. Here is my entry.

  21. rein Says:

    Hi all,
    my entry is on my a href=””>blog

  22. Viv Says:

    I altered a matchbox – thanks for looking and thanks for the challenge.

  23. Fran Says:

    I actually created this over the summer, but it fits the box theme. I did create another box project recently, but I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out so I’m sticking with this one. Can you tell I spent a few hours with Michael DeMeng this past summer?

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