Thank you everyone!


Thank you to everyone who participated on Mixed Media Monday, and a special thanks to all the wonderful guest hosts.  Thanks also for all the kind words, I feel a little sad, but think that the timing is right to finish MMM.  Good luck with all of your art adventures, I’m sure I’ll “see you around”. Love and happiness to everyone.

Please copy and enjoy this free image from my personal collection, as a small thank you from me!

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11 Comments on “Thank you everyone!”

  1. Hi Diane – I am very sorry to see MMM go but grateful for the wonderful job you did for art and for the bloggers who took part in your challenges. A special thankyou for allowing digital buffs to enjoy and participate in the challenges. The result has been a new interest in mixed media and hand-crafting among those who had never thought of getting their hands dirty before!

    May I wish you success in future pursuits. Hey, you might even like to come back now and again as a participant in some of the challenges.

    Cheers from Marie aka Ozstuff and fellow-Aussie. (PS – thankyou for the gorgeous freebie!)

  2. Nancy B Says:

    So sad to see this go!

  3. Jann Says:

    We all will miss you very much-so sad that you are closing this challenge . . .

  4. ~*~Patty Says:

    Dear Diane ~

    Many many thanks to you for so much fun and creativity!
    I will always remember MMM fondly.
    You’ve done so much to bring mixed media artists together and for such a nice long time too!
    See you around blogland…

    May the long time sun shine upon you
    All Love surround you
    and the pure Light within you
    Guide your way on
    p.s. Thank you also for sharing this very lovely image!

  5. Me again, Diane. I thought you would like to know that your lovely freebie will be featured in the sample picture for the Three Muses challenge tomorrow (Wednesday) (and also on my blog). There will also be a big thankyou to you for all your encouragement and hardwork at MMM. The very best of luck with future projects!! Cheers, Marie.

  6. Diane – I sent a further note regarding your freebie but WordPress has swallowed it and sent it to spam.

  7. peggy gatto Says:

    You provided me with inspiration and challenge and learning and fun!!!
    thank you!!!!!!

  8. carole Says:

    I haven’t taken part in MMM for quite some time, but in sorting and cleaning out my bookmarks I saw your post and wanted to wish you well.

    It seems that many challenge sites are closing up shop. I tried running one of my own, as well as MMT (Make a Moo or Two) for a while, but people simply aren’t participating as much as in the past. Maybe challenge sites have run their course for the time being. I know that for myself personally, not only was I getting burned out, but I needed to concentrate on other things.

    Good luck with whatever you do next!

  9. Pearl Maple Says:

    Many thanks for hosting this group and the wonderful people who participate, it is the most wonderful imaginative group that has taught lots of helpful lessons

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  11. Gir Leiteiro Says:

    Puxa vida devo agradecer vocês ganharam meu dia que site fantástico cheio de noticias não me canso de Elogiar já é a minha terceira visita por aqui absolutamente fantástico.

    Gir Leiteiro

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