OK, everyone, your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is “nature”.  This could mean something as simple as a flower, or – well, the list goes on.  As always this is open to your own interpretation.  I know, that as always, I will be amazed at the talent and inventiveness of the participants on MMM!  So have fun, and enjoy the challenge.  I know I had great fun making my bird house – there are more views of it on my blog if you’d like to see.  Diane

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67 Comments on “Nature”

  1. mixedmediamonday Says:

    There are more views of my birdhouse on my blog, if you’d like to see:

  2. gillian Says:

    Great theme Diane, Love your sampler, here’s my entry for this week.

  3. B Says:

    Beautiful birdhouse and fun theme. Here’s mine:

  4. Hi everyone….here is my Nature contribution. It’s a drawing/assemblage….a page from an old journal.

  5. My submission is on my blog.

    Thanks for looking!~

  6. Lisa Says:

    Please come by and see my entry here:
    Nature Cube

  7. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    wonderful and wide theme. here’s my entry:

  8. […] mijn bijdrage voor Mixed Media Monday: natuur. Wilde even proberen of je op gedroogd blad kon transferren en het gaat :o)))) Here my […]

  9. kreativgeschwafel Says:

    wonderful theme … my entry is on my blog … think I ended in the spam…

  10. redlan Says:

    the theme for this week’s challenge is nature. I want to share the Philippine island to everyone. Here’s my entry:

    have a great monday everyone!

  11. katrin Says:

    great and versatile theme. here is my entry:


  12. Kaz Says:

    ANNE S***

    your blog is not letting me comment and I wanted to say I love your card, it’s very dreamy and romantic…beautiful.

  13. Leila Says:

    Here is my entry. Thank you for looking.


  14. […] bij Mixed Media Monday is: Nature. Stempels van Art Journey en Hero Arts. New theme at Mixed Media […]

  15. Alberta Says:

    Here’s my entry.

  16. Karen Mowrey Says:

    Wonderful theme Diane! Here is “Nature Allures”, thank you all for looking!

  17. What a fantastic birdhouse! My submission for this week’s theme is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  18. Here is my new canvas done entirely with handpainted papers and stitching.

  19. Myriame Says:

    Here is my card
    Thanks for looking

  20. AnniP Says:

    My entry to this challenges is in my blog.

  21. Rosie Says:

    That is a gorgeou example Diane! I made a card for a friend:

  22. Mary-Beth Says:

    Love this theme!!

    My altered tin is on my blog

    Thanks for looking!!

  23. Donna Says:

    A little mixed media painting from me……

  24. micha Says:

    Here is my atc – Nature’s Beauty. Thanks for looking.

  25. Marina Says:

    Mijn bijdrage voor het thema van deze week,
    My entry for this weeks theme,

  26. Gayle Martin Says:


    This is my first time participating!
    Thanks for the great challenge.
    From another Gayle from Florida and spelled the same way.
    Imagine that….There are so very few of us.

  27. Carole Says:

    My canvas board can be seen here….Thanks for looking! Have a great week everyone.

  28. Carole Says:

    My canvas board can be seen here…..Thanks for looking. Have a great week everyone.

  29. I have a journal page that has a little fun with nature ~ hope you like it and thanks for visiting 🙂

  30. Anita Says:

    You can see my “nature” on my blog:

    T.F.L. 🙂

  31. Whew, it’s been awhile since I’ve completed a project before the end of the week. It feels good. Loving the honey bees in my assemblage. Thank you.

  32. Nan Neely Says:

    The old saying “better late than never” definately applies to me this week in creative endeavors as well as life in general! Anyway my piece is on my blog. TFL ! Nan

  33. Sue Says:

    Hello – it’s my first time here. Mine is a Bird House too, which I did ages ago ….
    I hope you like it

  34. Thea Says:

    I make something to
    greetings Thea

  35. Pam Thorburn Says:

    Mine is on my blog.

  36. Ananas Says:

    Better late than never, here is my 6×4 card:

    New familymembers

    Thanks for looking and thanks for the great theme!

  37. Sally Says:


    Slightly late in the week I know, but mine is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  38. Doris O Says:

    The theme of Nature brought me to a crib sized quilt top that I just had to put together.

  39. Ahkeraliisa Says:

    I`m little late with this skinny, but here it comes! Nice theme!

  40. Mia Says:

    I’m late again… why break a good habit 😉 My piece is on my blog:

    Thanks for looking.

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